5 Best Hookup Tinder Strategies and Statistics to Get Laid

Do you know what are the best hookup Tinder strategies and statistics to get laid? Today it is all about instant gratification. Getting laid has never been easier. The advent of Tinder and its popularity has made it possible for almost everyone to find a partner for some quality sack time.

Since social networks have sprouted everywhere in the world, people have begun their life to spark several acquaintances and adventures. From these needs, many portals were born that are intended for individuals who want to meet new people. Over time, these portals have grown and become real giants in the sector, and now as the mobile era takes on more and more apps, smartphones and tablets are also being used to help you do the same thing on your phone on your computer. Did you ever hear about Carpet Tindering? Strange term, right? This is a good strategy if you’re getting desperate. It’s like carpet bombing, just with Tinder. What do you think are brunettes more attractive or blondes? Will you have more luck with meeting guys on Tinder if you are blonde or brunette, or maybe black hair type of girl? Or for example, beardless guys get 18% fewer swipes than bearded ones. Social networks have previously been just an auxiliary tool, and now they are the primary weapon in the field of digital marketing. Presence on social networks is essential, as most web traffic moves exactly these channels. Companies become living beings in communicating with consumers; they are there as support and as friends. The trend this year is that if you do not exist on social networks, and you do not exist on the market. Today, many people pay more attention to their smartphones than to people around them. That’s why they are often alone. But Tinder will “save” them. However, what is still good in this whole story is that they can help numerous phone applications in finding a partner. Tinder for smartphones uses the navigation to find people around you. It associates your physical presence with the data from your Facebook profile so that the person who searches you will show you whether you have some common friends or interests. The picture of that person will appear on your screen. If you like it, you will move the slider to the right, and if it does not, then the slider goes to the left. And if you like each other, then you can start exchanging messages, you may schedule a meeting or even go and which one step further.

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