5 Best Instruments for a Child To Learn First

If you want your child to become a musical wunderkind, here are 5 best instruments for a child to learn first.

Toddlers and babies love different sounds and they try everything they can just to produce them. The first object that they meet as kids that soon becomes their favorite toy is the rattle that they can shake for hours. After that, they try to make sounds by using everything they can reach or even their own hands and kick it against some other object, usually the table. This is their version of drums, even though they still aren’t aware of it.

Pixabay/Public Domain

As soon as my kid was old enough not to clap himself with a bat, I gave him some old drums. They are still good to go but no one played them for years so it was a win-win deal. My kid was happy and the drums would collect dust in the basement or rot down there. Yes, my kid enjoyed it completely, but my head was full and hurting a lot because of all that noise. He couldn’t stop playing all day long. He even woke me up every morning with those sounds until I was ready to throw them away. Even my headphones wouldn’t help. But I found my way to help myself by bringing those drums to my grandparent’s house. Now, he has a new toy to play around when he goes to my grandparent’s house and they are delighted how good he handles those bats and love hearing him play. Again, it is a win-win. But I couldn’t help to notice that I have no idea what another instrument to offer to my child to play around my house. After all, if he already likes to play, he could do it home as well. But not the drums. So I started wandering around the Internet to find the one that would be the best for him. The problem was that he is not two yet, so I was too limited. After a while, I chose to buy him xylophone as the perfect replacement for drums. The best part was that it wasn’t as loud as the drums were.

But I am aware that he will get bored with it when he gets a little older, so I would be challenged again to find the new instrument for him to play. But which instrument to pick for a young child? The one that will help him practice his motor skills, but at the same time be easy enough for him to handle it and create the masterpieces? As it turned out, there are 5 best instruments for a child to learn first and if you have the similar problem as I do, check them out and pick some for your child as well.

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