5 Best Large-Cap Stocks To Buy According to Ray Dalio

Now we are going to take a look at the best large-cap stocks to buy now according to billionaire Ray Dalio, based on Insider Monkey’s latest article. Who is Raymond Thomas Dalio? Well, he is the American billionaire who established Bridgewater in 1985, and since then he has become one of the most successful hedge fund managers throughout the whole world. Bridgewater generated earnings of $50 billion in 2017. At the beginning, the company was a two-room business, and in the past 35 years, it has become on of the most lucrative businesses across the world, having more than 1,500 employees and managing more than $165 billion in total assets. The macro investor has held almost $8.13 billion of stocks compared to the previous market value of slightly below $6 billion, according to the latest quarterly fillings.


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