5 Biggest 3D Companies in the World

Today we are going to learn about the 5 biggest 3D companies in the world, based on Insider Monkey’s latest article. 3D printing is an absolutely new technique in our modern world. It is used in various industrial fields as well as independent consumer end. Earlier 3D printing was regarded to be useful in prototyping process, but by now it’s proven to be even more. There are lots of materials used for 3D printing, like plastics, biomaterials,  and composites.

The most important field of 3D printing is in the healthcare industry, which  has already tried it since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, and it seems to be fairly successful. As nowadays hospitals were lack of medical equipment, 3D printing was able to solve this problem. Many companies provided hospitals with 3D printed equipment, as well as they offered personal protective equipment to doctors.

Pixabay/Public domain

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