5 Biggest Real Estate Companies

The industry of real estate is a big business that is generating billions of dollars per annum in revenue and investors are offered huge profit making opportunities. Different property aspects are included in the real estate sector involving all the designing, development, marketing, valuation, leasing, sale, and management of agricultural, residential, industrial, and commercial properties. At present, this real estate sector is amongst the highly profit-generating industries in the USA and is constantly offering opportunities for motivated and interested investors. But before this boom, the sector faced a rollercoaster of different events that has market the real estate history in the nation. The business of real estate arose in the 1950s, plunged in the 1970s, and experienced downsizing starting 1980s until the end of the depression and gain prosperity again at the start of the new century. 

We are going to share the 5 Biggest Real Estate Companies by referring to the post shared by Insider Monkey. Topping our list is Link REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust). The company is running a diversified assets portfolio comprising offices, parking spaces, shopping centers, and retail real estate whose total worth is $195 billion HK. The headquarter of the company is in Hong Kong with a total of 955 employees and total revenues of $1.3 billion. This real estate company will maximize its visibility in Mainland China along with other key developed places including the UK, Japan, Singapore, and Australia because of their liquidity and stability of the economy along with transparent regulations. 

According to Insider Monkey: 

“The company owns approximately 131 assets whereas 87% are in Hong Kong and 13% in four key Chinese first-tier cities. In 2020, Link REIT stepped its foot in the European market and announced its deal of purchase of 25 Cabot Square in London for $475 million. This deal was announced seven months after Link REIT’s first acquisition outside Hong Kong and Mainland China where the company purchased a 10-story A-grade office tower at 100 Market Street in Sydney, Australia for AU$683 million.”

The next company on the list is Covivo whose headquarter is in Paris, France. This is a real estate investment company containing a diversified asset portfolio. The specialty of Covivio is in designing as well as the building of attractive offices, residentials, and multi-service hotels. The company has hired 937 employees and the total revenue of the company is $1.4 billion. Do you have interest in learning about other real estate businesses? Check out the post 15 Biggest Real Estate Companies in the World by Insider Monkey.

5 Biggest Real Estate Companies

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