5 Busiest Airports in the World

Today we’ll discuss the 5 busiest airports in the world, published by Insider Monkey recently. Covid-19 pandemic has stricken the whole world, and all the inudstries. But among them, tourism industry has been hit the most. Before the pandemic, airports traffic hit the records and it was a definitely flourishing industry. But this year the pandemic ruined the world, people had to stay in self-isolation, and almost the whole world stopped operating. There was a non-expected positive effect of all this: our mother nature could breathe again for a while, ozone depletion slowed down, then stopped. Animals turned back to places where they hadn’t seen for a long time. For instance Venice was visited by dolphins again as its waters became cleaner and its streets were quieter. It’s definitely a great effect of the pandemic, but on the other side hundreds of thousands of people died and it was also in Bergamo, Italy where there were coffins in one continuous stream.

But let’s turn back the air traffic. You can find the Tokyo Haneda Airport on the compilation, and as Japan was amon the firsts who led restrictions in connection with the pandemic, and actually it made its impacts felt, as there was a decline of 28.5% in the first quarter of 2020. Another sad result concerned Dubai International Airport this year. Dubai is among the most popular tourist destination, as this city has the tallest completed building ever in the world, the famous and gorgeous Burj Khalifa. But this year it had to face with a decline of 20% in the first three months. As for the list of the top 5 busiest airports in the world, naturally Los Angeles International Airport can also been found here. In 2019 the airport could boast with 88 million passengers, but as of 2020 it had a decline of 21.7% in the first quarter. The next one is  Beijing International Airport on the list with a sorrowful decline of 62.6% this year.  Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) hits top of the  list of busiest airports in the world in 2020In 2019 the airport could see 110 million passengers, but the terrible decline of 2020 didn’t avoid this airport, either.

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