5 Causes of Human Trafficking in Africa, India, and US

We have already published articles about human trafficking from several point of view, and about several countries and continents, but now we have come up with the list of the causes of human trafficking in Africa, India, and US.

Human trafficking is a phenomenon that occurs in every country, independently the country itself is developed or not. Millions of cases prove annually that the victims of the traffickers have to undergo horrible tortures, which are terrible even to be read, not to survive them. The victims can be totally different: young, old, girl, boy, female, male. Traffickers don’t spare anyone, they just take what they want, respectless age, or sex of the victims. There are millions of cases revealed every year, but the number of the undiscovered cases can be even more.

There are lots of ways how to help the victims, and you can find some advice in our articles. Now, we are listing the main causes of human trafficking. You will see socioeconomical reason, as well as personal or family ones. In the 21st century authorities should end this cruel situation throughout the whole world. But unfortunately there are many governments in the world that support human trafficking, or at least authorities cloes there eyes when it comes to human trafficking. Victims are invisible many times, as they are hidden in uninhabited places, and there’s no-one to hear their cry. We have recently published an article about real stories from life, these stories revealed the tru face of devil. Slavery hasn’t disappeared from the world, just it got a new gown instead. Traffickers work with modern tools, such as internet, social media; nevertheless their goal is very old: they want money and power.

Now without a further ado, let’s start the countdown with the causes of human trafficking in Africa, India and the US, as we hardly need to tell anyone, the more we speak about it, the more we draw people’s attention, the less chance the traffickers have.


5. Poverty and Unemployment

Poverty and unimployment are the two factors which are the basis of human trafficking. Human trafficking is very developed in those countries where families have face with poverty and unimployment day by day.

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4. Lack of Education

Lack of education is usually one of the main causes of exploitation, especially when it comes to human trafficking. That’s why education so inevitable.

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3. Social and Personal Insecurity

We are half way through our list of causes of human trafficking in Africa, India, and US. The third cause is social and personal insecurity. Human trafficking happens in the US too, in a very developed form. The victims are generally in an insecure situation, don’t have family bounds, relationships and friends. 

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2. Gender Discrimination

When it comes to human traficking, the sexual exploitation is on the top of the list. In India for example, due to gender discrimination millions of girls and women have horrible life because of forced marriages, sex jobs, and exhausting domestic work.


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1. Lack of Human Rights

All of us can agree that child trafficking is the worst of all. Where families struggle with unemployment, poverty and large family models are dominant, it is the parents who sell their children themselves to the traffickers. This phenomenon can be observed especially in the poor regions of India and Africa.

This was the list of  the causes of human trafficking in Africa, India and US that we have selected from Insider Monkey’s latest list. What do you think about this issue?


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