5 Couples Italian Cooking Classes in NYC

Are the two of you fans of Italian cuisine? So why don’t you attend some of 5 couples Italian cooking classes in NYC?

Two most famous Italian dishes in the world are pizza and pasta. Since we are all eating it on a monthly basis if not even more frequently, we started specializing in making both of them. I mean, let’s be fair, it isn’t some rocket science. Besides, there are frozen already made pizza and pasta sauces so you basically need around 30 minutes to prepare it and serve it. If you would like to learn how to make the best pizza, you and your significant other can attend one of the 5 hands on pizza making classes for couples and groups in NYC. But do you know some other Italian dish? Like risotto, ragout, gnocchi? If so, you could all learn it when attending some of these classes that I am about to present.

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Couples classes are some of the best ways to make your date fun and memorable. Besides, none of them is more expensive than the meal that you could have at some restaurant, but the truth is, when going to a dinner date, all you can do is eat and talk. Ok, that can be fun, at least why you two are still getting to know each other. But after a while, most of the secrets are out and you are left with no significant topics to discuss.

After going through different sites and looking at the reviews from Yelp and Blot Magazines, we came up with the list of 5 best Italian cooking classes for couples at Sur La Table, Pizza A Casa, Home Cooking NY, Cooking A Capella, and Cooking by the Book. Each of them is special in their own way and it is up to you which one you are going to attend.

For example, if you attend Home Cooking NY, you will be able to pick the menu on your own and the professional chefs will make as much effort as he or she has to help you two make it. Besides, all the cooking classes you attend at the Home Cooking NY, no matter if it is Italian or any other cuisine, is BYOB, so, besides having the great meal, you will spice it up with some beer or even wine, if you are a bigger fan of it.

At Sur La Table you will work only with fresh ingredients so, the meals that you are about to learn will all be seasonal meals, depending on the fruit, vegetable, or any other ingredients caracteristic for this time.

Ok, Pizza A Casa is not offering anything else, but pizza making classes, but, to be fair, until recently you thought that pasta and pizza were only Italian traditional meals. Besides, what kind of Italian cooking classes would this be it there wasn’t for at least one pizza making class?

To see the whole list with more details, click on 5 couples Italian cooking classes in NYC and enjoy with your significant other.

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