5 Easiest to Use DVD and Blu-ray Players for Seniors and Elderly

We can’t leave our grandparents out when it comes to the technology even though the new devices are hard for them to learn how to handle, but here is the list of 5 easiest to use DVD and Blu-ray players for seniors and elderly, in case you wanted to surprise them with some new High – Tech gift.

I see posts from people under the age of 30 that get the nervous breakdown after trying to teach some of the older members of their family to use some of the modern devices. The most frequent problem is teaching them how to use smartphones that they buy on a regular basis even though they still see the old ones as a space shuttle.


Pixabay/Public Domain

For some reason, we don’t have any issue telling grandparents of our friends what the new technology can be used for, while, when it comes to our family, we pretend that it is something that is used only in a professional purpose which is why they won’t need it ever. But they still like to learn how to use Viber or Skype to see their family and friends who are far away or even want to get the Facebook account. Of course, they have no idea what it is used for but why wouldn’t they have it if they have smartphones or PCs?

When it comes to DVD and Blue-ray players, it is a lot less struggle to teach seniors and elderly how to use them. After all, they lived in a century when they were professionals when it came to recording players and these modern players are very similar. The only big difference is that the old one used records and the new ones are using CDs. The majority of features are the same and they are really excited once they manage to use them on their own. After you teach them how to use those players, you can burn them some hardcore CDs with songs or videos from their youth and they will always be pleasantly surprised. At least I know that every grandfather from my surrounding was. And they are still too boring when it comes to it. But who cares. I burn one CD in a year and it is like I gave them my kidney so they get off my back for the next year or so.

Anyway, here is the list of 5 easiest to use DVD and Blu-ray players for seniors and elderly.

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