5 Largest Ecommerce Companies in the World

The largest ecommerce companies in the world are in the focus nowadays, and all of us know why. Read Insider Monkey’s latest article on this issue.

Why is ecommerce in the limelight nowadays? At first, what is ecommerce? The word ecommerce refers to the activity of selling and purchasing products electronically, or offer online services via the internet. As a matter of fact, e-commerce has three main branches: the first one is customer to customer, when individuals purchase items from each other through online marketplaces, such as Etsy or eBay. The second branch is business-to-consumer (B2C), which means that online shopping sites offer products to customers; and the last one is business-to-business, when businesses offer services and items to each other. Business-to-customer e-commerce, or as it’s known worldwide – online shopping has become so frequent and popular that almost all the traditional shops began to sell their products online. When it comes to online shopping, I must confess I much prefer surfing on the site of my favorite webshops to ‘wander’ in a physical store. I really love shopping from my bed at midnight wearing my comfortable T-shirt, when I don’t need to deal with the crowd in the marketplace, and I won’t end up with queuing up in front of the cashier’s desk. Of course as everything, online shopping has its cons as well. At first, you can’t touch the material, or try the clothes on, and if you want to purchase electric devices you can’t ask the shop assistant’s opinion. Furthermore, it takes some time until you get your new stuff and if you need to return it, it will take some time again till you manage to arrange it.

I think you won’t be surprised to see that Tesco stands on the fifth spot on this list with its ecommerce revenue of $ 59,101,923,000. JD.com (NASDAQ:JD) can boast with the second spot of the compilation as in 2019 it had a remarkable ecommerce revenue of $ 87,193,400,000. Want to know more details? Then jump to the largest ecommerce companies in the world.

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