5 Longest Pipelines in the US

In this article we are going to present you with the 5 longest pipelines in the US, based on Insider Monkey’s latest article. As a matter of fact, there are more than 190,000 miles of liquid petroleum pipelines net can be found across America. They link producing areas to refineries and chemical plants. These pipelines also deliver the products to the business need and  the consumers in the country. Pipelines are efficient, safe and vast majority of them are buried, so they are invisible. They operate 24 hours a day, non-stop. As for the natural gas pipelines, they deliver gas to businesses and homes, via local lines from companies, operated locally. Main lines deliver the gas to the cities. Incredibly fact but there are 2.4 million miles-long natural gas pipelines under the surface of the United States. This system is the topic of Insider Monkey’s brand new article.

So what are the longest pipelines of the United States? We have picked up two companies from Insider Monkey’s compilation as usual. Dakota Access Pipeline stands on the fourth spot with its cumulative length of 1,172 miles. This pipeline was announced in 2004 and has been among the most controversial pipelines in America. The vast majority is controlled by Energy Transfer Partners, with Phillips 66  possessing minority stakes as well. On the second sot there’s Keystone Pipeline. Its cumulative length is 1,853 miles. This pipeline operates in both the United States and Canada as well, and it was launched only 11 years ago in 2010. At the beginning, it wasn’t a remarkable pipeline, but when its fourth phase was being built under the name of Keystone XL, it came into limelight  because of the opposition of environmentalists in the United States. Due to this opposition, President Obama delayed it in 2015, but in 2017 President Trump enable the pipeline, sot finally it was established. For more controversial pipelines in America, please click and jump to the list of the longest pipelines in the US.

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