5 Most Dangerous Countries For Gay Travelers

If someone is homosexual, than it’s better to know that are the 5 most dangerous countries for gay travelers. We have brought Insider Monkey’s latest article as usual. Being gay is not an issue in more and more countries. For example in Western Europe you can find countries that same-sex marriage is legal, what’s more they can adopt children, too. More and more people understand what being homosexual means, and gay people are not judged just beacuse they aren’t heterosexuals. Nevertheless, religious countries look at askance homosexualism, what’s more, Muslim countries directly punish people for being gay. So if you are gay and like traveling, you had better think twice to enter the following countries. You will see most of them sentence homosexualism with death, or at least prison. It’s horrible to see there are countries that kill people just because of loving the same sex. But what about the top 5 most dangerous countries for gay travelers?

Mauritania is the first country, but if you are not Muslim, you don’t need to fear. But if you a Muslim, you will be stoned to death if you are caught on loving the same sex. Afghanistan is the next country on the list of the most dangerous countries for gay travelers.  In this poverty-stricken country according the Sharia law death penalty is legal, although except for one case there haven’t been not killed anyone since the Taliban rule. Nigeria is also this sad list, and although it’s not a problem if you consume alcohol and pork, homosexuality is still considered to be a deadly sin. Under no circumstances go there if you are gay. The strong second spot is won by Saudi Arabia, and no wonder. 100 whips or 1 year in prison – this is the “reward” of being homosexual. Without a shadow of a doubt Iran has got the first place on the list of the  most dangerous countries for gay travelersas Iran sentences with capital punishment, as Sharia laws allow this cruel punishent. For more interesting information, please click on the link above.

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