5 Most Profitable Movies of All Time

Do you like movies? Are you interested in the most profitable movies of all time? Great! We have brought Insider Monkey’s latest article on this issue. Most of us like going to movies and although we can download all the films from the internet, going to cinemas has some kind of special atmosphere. The excitement of a new movie, and queuing up in front of the cashier, then buying some popcorn, and awaiting the film, is much more magic, then sitting at home in your tracking suit and slippers. Yes, it’s very comfortable that you needn’t dress up in your “Sunday best”, you can skip traveling there and back, and you don’t have to listen to people munching their snacks during the movie. What’s more now, as we have to face with the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, we are under self-isolation again, we are not allowed to leave our homes after 8 p.m. Theatres and movies are closed up again, and only the God can know when they can open amain.

The first really impressive movie I saw, was the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. I can remember well, I was very young, when my brother and I went to town to watch this famous movie. We didn’t know that it would be pretty long, so by the time the film ended it had grown dark and our mother was very angry because of our being late. But it was worth it. Since then, lots of things have changed and larger and larger productions have been made, such as Disney’s 20th Century Studios for Avatar (2009) with $3,257,000,000 raised and Titanic (1997) with $3,425,291,642. J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World earned Warner Bros. $9,244,985,290 for a total number of 10 movies – 8 Harry Potter adaptations and another 2 Fantastic Beasts installments. Good news – 3 more pictures already in production.

And now, let’s check out two of the movies from Insider Monkey’s compilation. Star Wars Ep. VII: The Force Awakens (2015) has received the fifth spot on the list with its Total Box Office – $2,065,478,084, Domestic Box Office – $936,662,225. Unsurprisingly, Avatar (2009) stands on the second spot with its Total Box Office $2,788,701,337. For more interesting details, please jump to the list of the most profitable movies of all time.

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