5 Real Life Human Trafficking Examples and Stories

Human trafficking is the form of modern slavery, and it disgusts all the good-souled people, but today we have come up with a list of real life human trafficking examples and stories. You may ask why we publish articles like this, but the reason is that every each of you have to be aware that it does exist, the evil always search their preys – and yes, even you can become a victim.

After reading these real stories, you will be disgusted and speechless. We could do nothing else, but to gaze into space when we finished with the list. You may ask how often human trafficking happens. Well, it’s much more common than you would think. Occurrence of human trafficking doesn’t depend on a country’s economic state, or having a war. The evil can be found everywhere, and there are large number of examples throughout the whole world. The horror can happen even in your neighborhood so that you can’t notice anything. A neighbor who always say “hello” kindly in the mornings, can hide a slave in the cellar, and you don’t even realize it. Nevertheless, Russia, Belarus, Iran and Turkmenistan have themost human traffick cases.

In this list you will see mainly sex traffick cases, although sex trafic is just one type of human trafficking. You may not be surprised when we say that the most common victims are children, girls and women; as they are the most vulnerable ones.  Now, without saying more, let’s check what Insider Monkey have investigated for us, but we warn you, that this article will be staggering for everyone!

Here is the list of real life human trafficking examples and stories.

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5. Porn slavery

Porn industry is one of the industries where it is the easiest to mask illegal activity. You may watch a porn film, and you have no idea that the porn actress is actually raped. This happened to Linda Boreman, also known Linda Lovelace, whose husband agreed that she could make porn films. But she was forced to have sex, so what the company filmed, actually were scenes of rape. She was threatend to lose her family if she didn’t obey.  She became and advocate of anti-porn campaigns and told her story in public.

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4.  A boy’s story

This is a story of a boy, whose mother died while he was being born, which his father could never forgive him. When he was six his father began to molest and rape him, later on he was trafficked until the age of 15. All this happened in the 1970s.

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3. A friend of a friend

Unfortunately it’s very common that a naive and unexperienced youngster becomes the victim of someone who pretends to be very friendly, or date and court the victim. This was the same with Sarah, too, who met her trafficker in a club. The criminal began to court her, and unfortunately she fell in love with him. A month later she was taken to a hotel to do the gig, and then… she was trafficked for six months, while she was drugged and raped.

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2. The slave mark

This story is about FV, who lived in foster homes. She had no confidence, she was just 16, when she became Edward Bagley’s prey. When she escaped from home she hoped to be in safe in Bagley’s house. Instead she became a toy of a sick, sadomasochistic mind. As she was promised to be a dancer and model, she agreed to do what she was told. In the next six years the young girl became the suffering subject of Bagley’s tortures, and once she had to be on a cover of a magazine, where she was interviewed. She didn’t dare to tell in this interview that Bagley would have buried her alive, if she had said even a word about her real life. In order to never forget who she is, she got a tatto of bar code and a Chinese sign of slave…

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1. The most powerful traffickers

Anneke Lucas’ story stands on the first place now, a story that is really, really disgusting in its every part. It was told by Anneke herself, after forty years struggling with her demons. She tried to defeat her dastardly demons in silence, all alone. Only after forty years did she dare to speak about her past. Her mother began to traffick her when she was only 6, in 1969. Then she was forced to eat human organs and feces… Her pedohile customers were the top polititians of Europe and members of the royal family, and they threatened her to kill her. She was 11 when she was found and saved.  Who do you think was the head of pedophile network? You can read the whole, but short story in Insider Monkey’ list.

This was the horrible list of the  real life human trafficking examples and stories now. We, at Stocktalk Review can’t say anything after reading all these horror stories.

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