5 Richest Drug Lords of All Time: Who Says Crime Doesn’t Pay?

After reading about the Mexican drug cartels, lets check out the 5 richest drug lords of all time. Insider Monkeys article takes you to the world of the money, violence and the drugs. I wouldnt say its the most pleasant topic in the world, but undoubtedly very arresting. I think you guys out there have heard about all of the men mentioned below, but telling you the truth as for me, there were some unfamiliar men. You will read such jawdropping amounts here, that would seem incredible for the first sight, but actually these men really made as much money as we write.

Now lets see who are these men. At first here are the Ochoa Brothers, who earned $6.78 Billion from crimes. The three brothers, Juan David Ochoa Vásquez, Jorge Luis Ochoa Vásquez and Fabio Ochoa Vásquez are among those, who founded the Medellin Cartel. Jorge was in prison for onyl 5.5 years in the 1990s, Juan david died in 2013, and Fabio is imprisoned at present, he has to spend 30 years there, but he will be released in a few years time. Up on the list, heres Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar who earned $7.57 billion. He has been wanted for 27 years, and he is number 3 in FBIs fugitives list. Actually, despite these modern times with exceptional technolgical developments, no-one knows where he is. Theres a man, whose earnings from crimes is about $10 million! He is said to be 74 years old, and live in Moscow freely. His name is Semion Mogilevich. Whos the next? Amado Carrillo Fuentes, who earned about $28.26 billion. He was the head of the Juarez Cartel, but he died after an unsuccesful plastic surgery in 1993. Or.. who knows? Perhaps he lives happil with his billions somewhere. And yes, Pablo Escobar is on the list, with his $3391 billions of earnings. If you want to know more about these gangsters, check out the 12 richest drug lords of all time.

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