5 States With The Highest Diabetes Rates In U.S.

There are lots of insidious diseases and illnesses, such as diabetes, so we decided to bring Insider Monkey’s latest article about the 5 states with the highest diabetes rates in U.S. Diabetes is also called „the silent killer” as there are no signs of suffering from this disease, until it causes severe damages in the body and organs. Diabetes makes its effects very slowly, many times it needs decades until the body can’t cope with it and collapses. Until then it can cause lots of severe problems, such as the patient goes blind, or has aortic stenosis and one or more limbs have to be amputated. Diabetes is a disease that is present on all the continents, and takes many people’s life. Actually, there are more than a million deaths due to diabetes across the globe, and around 30 million patients suffer from it in the United States alone, which is an incredible number! As a matter of fact diabetes is more common among poor people than the rich. It’s because they have to make do with food that contains lots of carbohydrate but no valuable nutrients. Then they consume lots of it, since if they don’t want to stay hungry, they need to eat a lot. These people buy the cheap TV-dinners, inexpensive junk foods, and sweet and calory-fat drinks, such as coke. On the other hand, diabetes is in connection with bad teeth as well, which is also typical of poor people. If someone has bad teeth, ha can’t chew the meal properly, and because of it pancreas is overburdoned. 

But now let’s turn back to the top 5 states. Well, Kentucky is the first in the row, with a rather high percent of 11.8%. Therefore Kentucky has a Diabetes Prevention and Control Program. The next state is Arkansas with an increasing number of 12.1%. We can find more than 360,000 people who suffer from this insidious disease. Arkansas is followed by Mississippi with a rate of 12.4%. Then West Virginia comes, and bet you wouldn’t have guessed that Alabama is the first one on the list of the 15 states with the highest diabetes rates in U.S.

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