50 Best People To Follow on Snapchat and Their Usernames

If you are addicted to the Snapchat, here are 50 best people to follow on Snapchat and their usernames.

Social networks took over our lives. Not just that the majority of people can’t hold off a day not to post any photo, video, or a link, but they started building their statuses based on a number of followers.



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Getting followers and finding people to follow is a piece of cake on some social networks. Facebook is suggesting you people to add on a friend list or just to follow based on a number of mutual friends, high school, college, a place you live in, even the events you are interested in. Likewise, Instagram is suggesting people based on mutual followers, same hashtags, or they are just suggesting you people that recently made accounts. But Snapchat is not as developed as other networks. Although platform seems fun, the only thing that gets upgraded is the app and a disappointment by users is obvious. They say that, after upgrading the app, their smartphones started losing more battery and the app by itself is slower. But how do you find people to follow on Snapchat?

The first thing that app does after you download, install it and make an account is collecting all the data from your phonebook and find matching accounts. But that’s basically everything. This way, you can follow and be followed only by people that already exist in your phonebook. The other way is finding people individually, by entering their usernames. In my opinion, this is rather complicated and exhausting, not to say stupid, although it is. It is no wonder why Snapchat didn’t reach that big popularity and it will probably disappear soon. It isn’t functional and the stories that were specific for this platform are now available on Facebook and Instagram as well. So, if those two have this option, why would anyone bother with downloading Snapchat as well?

But, in case you are still a fan of Snapchat, you should know at least which people to follow. I get that you are only interested in your friends, but just like you like pages on Facebook and follow scetchers and famous people on Instagram, there are people on Snapchat that are also useful to follow. They are all specific in their own way and post different stories that make them unique and individual. See which accounts I am talking about by clicking on 50 best people to follow on Snapchat and their usernames.

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