6 Atheist Scientists Who Now Believe in God

Do you believe in God, and do you know more about 6 atheist scientists who now believe in God? Atheism is the view that there are no deities. Throughout history, it often appears as a dislike towards the official religion. Atheism is an opposition believe that God exists, which in its most general form is the belief that there is one of the deities.

The number of believers in the West is decreasing from year to year, and the number of atheists is rising. When famous artists receive rewards for their accomplishments, you will often hear them owe their gratitude to family, director, and of course to Jesus Christ. You will hear this from those who believe in God, it is understood. Those who do not believe, thanks mainly to their family and a good agent. Both of them are equally loud when they promote their religious attitudes. It’s the same thing when it comes to scientists when they receive some prize and have a speech. Most scientists do not believe in God and atheism is a regular phenomenon when it comes to them. Francis Collins is one of the scientists on the who now believe in God. Francis stunned the world when he became a Christian after his interactions with patients who were dying. Another one is Alister McGrath. McGrath is not just a Christian now; he is a priest. Before his conversion he was a staunch atheist and science was his only passion, but as he started to grow up, especially in his undergrad years, he realized the importance of religion and started to accept the teachings of Christianity. Atheists are skeptical of claims of supernatural phenomena, explaining their attitude by the lack of empirical evidence. Also, atheists offered some reasons for not believing in any deity. Among them is the problem of evil, the argument of contradictory revelations and the grounds of non-existence. Other reasons for atheism fall into a spectrum from philosophical to social and historical. Although some atheists have accepted secular philosophies, there is no ideology or set of rules of behavior that all atheists respect. The faith of people all over the world is in decline, and it is a record that for the first time there is a country where officially more atheists than believers. But this trend of reducing religiosity does not only apply to individual countries but affects the whole world. What is the real reason why the number of believers is decreasing, no one knows? What is expected is that older people are less religious than younger ones, while middle-aged people are at least religious and have the greatest chance of considering themselves as atheists. On the other hand, most often, twenty-year-olds declare themselves as believers. Among the most religious people in the world, the housekeeper is the most household, followed by pensioners and students.

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