6 Best Fairway Woods for Senior Golfers

Golf is one of the best sports for older people, so do you know what are the best fairway woods for senior golfers? Many older individuals enjoy remaining as active as possible and for many of them –19% of American golfers are over 70–that includes golf.

Golf is one of the oldest sports in history. It is known that golf developed in Scotland in the 14th century, but there are also many older games in different countries that preceded the development of golf. In the Roman Empire, during the Caesar Games, a game called the Pagan Game was played. ” According to the legend, she played with a bent stick and a leather ball, and the task was to push the ball into a hole in the ground. However, the former ball was 10 to 18 centimeters in diameter, which is not even about today. In the Netherlands, a game called Colf or Kolven is mentioned, and in France, in the 12th century, the game chole was played. In England, in the 14th century, the game Cambuca is mentioned, a rule very similar to the pagan. There is also a document from 1363, which prohibits playing in the days of the holidays of all “empty” games, whose list was cambuca and club ball. Did you ever hear about Gallaway Great Big Bertha? It is one of the best fairway woods for senior golfers. Another one is Cobra King F6. This will achieve for golfers of all abilities the result they look forward to–and hopefully the celebrations to go with it. The beginnings of golf are recorded in Scotland in the 14th century, and it is assumed that the first players were pastors who kept the sheep on the vast Scottish pastures. The holes were served by rabbit holes, and the bars were made of wood. The first written document about today’s golf is also the decree on the ban on golf, issued in 1457 by King James II. He was worried about the fact that this game took too much attention and interfered with archery practices. He wanted to restore preference to war skills such as archery, coinage, and the like. Famous Scottish King James IV was the first member of the royal family to start seriously studying golf. The game had only one form – match play, until the 19th century. Game for the field. The winner in each field was the player who finished the field with the smallest number of punches. Golf is one of the few sports that has maintained to preserve the distinction between professionalism and amateurism. It will be introduced in OI 2016, with football and basketball being the most popular sport in the world.

If you want to see what are the best fairways woods for senior golfers, check Insider’s Monkey list of 6 Best Fairway Woods for Senior Golfers and read the rest of the article.

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