6 Best Free Alarm Clock App for iPhone and Android Phones

Wake up sleepy heads because 6 best free alarm clock app for iPhone and Android phones are here now to make sure you are never late again!

Getting enough sleep is a great part of your life. It prevents health issues and has the great effect on your daily function. Many scientists had agreed that having 8 hours of sleep per a day is the perfect calculation, but, after a few more years of studying, they came to conclusion that the exact amount of sleep per a day is rather an individual thing and that it all depends on the person’s age, gender, and even the type of job they have and the health.

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It is also discovered that people who are happy don’t need that much of a sleep and wake up easier, while people that suffer from the depression sleep longer and have a lot of trouble waking up, while the people that have a lot on their mind have trouble falling asleep.

Because of the fast way of life and too many problems that people face every day, each day the number of people addicted to sleeping pills rises, which wouldn’t be that big of an issue if there wasn’t the part of waking up and staying awake.

Since sleeping has a lot of an influence on your daily mood and life in general, it is very important to schedule your sleep right and not change your ways every day. They say that you should be up before 9 AM each day, but the problem is that not everyone is a morning person, especially when the sun just rises. I know I am not. When I see 7 AM on my phone in the morning, I immediately get cranky and wait for someone to bite his head off. But the same thing happens when I get up at 11 AM. It isn’t the morning. It is waking up. But the problem I also face is hearing my alarm. Even when I hear it (usually after the 4th or the 5th snooze), I meet my worst enemy, ‘’2 more minutes’’. And I wake up 2 hours later.
It turned out that I am not the only person facing this issue. It is spread worldwide and people gave the biggest efforts to resolve this issue but none of them seem to work on a long term. For example, I saw a perfect alarm for myself. It is a little clock with wheels and it makes you chase it until you are fully awake. But, I believe that, within a week, he would be broken in my house.

I also saw alarm clock apps that make you calculate to turn them off. But what if I am able to do math even in my sleep (which I am)? But I won’t give up. There must be a solution for people like me.

Insider Monkey recently compiled a list of best free alarm clock apps that, besides having great melodies for waking you up, also have a lot more features that will make our lives easier. If you are interested, check out 6 best free alarm clock app for iPhone and Android phones and never miss another appointment in your life!

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