6 Best Free Alarm Clock App for iPhone and Android Phones

What are the best free alarm clock app for iPhone and Android phones? Do you have difficulties in getting up in time? Do you generally decide to sleep “just 5 more minutes”? Do you get into trouble at your school or workplace because of it? If so, you will be happy with Insider Monkey recently published article in which you can find some really good tips about this topic. Sleeping is essential for our health, but in these days we like to stay up until late, and the next day of course we can’t get up in time. The strongest magnet in the world is our bed, they say. I must agree.

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Nowadays as mobile phones are widespread, we solve almost everything with them. We can use them for alarming us, too. But what are the best free apps in market, and where can you find them? Now Insider Monkey has investigated the answers for you, so you don’t need to search them, it’s absolutely enough if you check their article.

Now we have picked two apps from their list. Alarm Clock Free is our first choice for you now. Its rating is 4.05. This application features a digital clock and alarm for free. The free version features an alarm with super big snooze button 11 built-in alarm sounds, sound fade option to wake you up gently and many more features. You can adjust it according to your needs and never miss a meeting again. However, for those who love it and would like to get more features, there is a paid version called “Alarm Clock Pro”. The next one is SleepBot. It got a better rating than the previous one: 4.10. The SleepBot application features smart cycle alarm, movement tracker, sound recorder, sleep debt log, data analysis, and many more features. With this application, you will wake up relaxed in the morning, and also, it will help you to improve your sleep even more. This application will wake you up during light sleep every morning. I think I need a new alarm clock for my Android, so I will check all the apps that Insider Monkey has searched and I will chose one of them.

For any further useful information, you should read Insider Monkey’s article about  6 best free alarm clock app for iPhone and Android phones.

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