6 Best Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup Sites and Apps With Name Results

If you would like to avoid to be tricked or scammed via phone, there are 6 best free reverse phone number lookup sites and apps with name results that you might want to consider using.

I hate calls from unknown numbers, especially because most of them are some surveys or companies offering some products to earn money. I respect their wish to earn because I know that we all need money to survive, but I really don’t like speaking to them, especially the ones that even after I explain that I am not interested, still won’t hang up the phone. I find it pretty harassing and I even considered suing one company for that.

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But there is even worse kind of people doing it. Exes. Have you ever been in a relationship that smuggled you so hard that you couldn’t escape from even when you were specific to break it up? I know I did. And the worst thing that happened after that was me getting calls in the middle of the night from that person. He either wanted to talk or threat, depending on his mood. I really hoped that it will all stop after I stop answering and put him on the blacklist on my phone, but it got only worse. I don’t know and I don’t really want to know if he bought a new SIM card or took phones from his friends to call me, but I couldn’t ever know if the unknown number in the middle of the night was some of my friends calling me because they were in trouble, or was it my ex trying to cause me another nightmare. I know what you will all going to say, I could have changed my number. But the truth is, I couldn’t. I have this number since I was in high school and everyone has it. I couldn’t call every person that I know and give them my new phone number, especially because I don’t have all numbers on my phone after it restarted once. After that, I would have to go to banks and wait in a queue to let them know I changed it, do the same in hospital, daycare, college, ex-employers, and not to even mention family who lives abroad. And even if I did it, who could guarantee that my ex wouldn’t find his way to find out my new number? Fortunately, after I got married, I got off the hook. But there are few scammers and teenagers occasionally calling me and wasting my time for fun.

This is why it is a good thing that I recently found out that there are free reverse phone number lookup sites and apps with name results. If you are having or had similar problems like I did, you might want to consider checking out these 6 best free reverse phone number lookup sites and apps with name results. Just click on the link and you will be automatically transferred to the original article to find out which one are they.

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