6 Best Golf Swing Techniques for Beginners and Seniors

If you are thinking to take up golf as a hobby, read the article about the best golf swing techniques for beginners and seniors. Once one actually gets serious about golfing they find that, like any sport, there is a lot of technique involved that requires a great deal of practice to perfect. Golf is not just dressing up in a snazzy outfit and smacking a tiny ball with a fancy, metal stick towards a small, random hole in the ground.

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Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked two of the best golf swing techniques for beginners and seniors.

The first one is Set-Up: Relax—Don’t forget to breathe. Here a silly one among the other best golf swing techniques for beginners and seniors – your breathing can affect the outcome of your golf swing. Think about it. You’re standing there trying to get your positioning just right, finding that perfect grip on the club—thinking about where you need to get the ball to go. As naturally as breathing comes to us, we often completely forget to when we are under pressure. Thus, causing you to be tense. How do you suppose you are going to perform when you are tense? Poorly! Even professionals realize the significance of taking a moment to make sure they’re relaxed before making their move. Golfer, Jason Dufner practices a military breathing technique to help slow his heart rate before he putts and claims just simply breathing has helped him bring his numbers down. This technique doesn’t just come in handy when you’re on the green; you need to be calm for those long drives, as well. The second one is Backswing: Touch your shoulder to your chin. Here’s where your swing is quickly getting very technical in the movement of your hips to the positioning and angles of your arms and shoulders. It’s easy to start getting overwhelmed in this step and end up with a squirrely shot. Given you have followed the first two steps of the six best golf swing techniques for beginners and seniors, you’re relaxed and your front arm is pushing back, your other arm should naturally pull it back. While many sources will advise you to bring your swing back a certain distance, it really is up to you to find your own sweet spot. Regardless of where that is, your shoulder should be touching your chin before you begin the next step. If it’s not, then it’s safe to bet that your positioning is a bit off, however, if you’re following the steps, again, they’re so straightforward that the rest of your body should instinctively be following along in a good form.

For any further useful information, read Insider Monkey’s article about 6 best golf swing techniques for beginners and seniors


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