6 Best Smartphones with 4K Display for VR

Since we live in a mix of virtual world and technology, it is completely normal that even smartphones are adjusted to accept and create software for virtual reality and here are 6 best smartphones with 4K display for VR.

The first time I saw virtual reality device was while playing SIMS. I remember that I had no clue what that device that was purchased in the entertainment part was doing. All I knew was that, as soon as some of the characters put it on their heads, they got really strange, like they were on drugs. At first, I thought that it was hurting them, but later on, I realized that it wouldn’t be in the entertainment part.


Pixabay/Public Domain

Later on, I figured out what it actually was. To be honest, I have never met this device in person, but giving all the videos that I watched on YouTube with people doing crazy things and imagining, I don’t think that I would dare to put it on my head.

But smartphone manufacturers realized that people all around the world are looking forward to virtual reality experiences. Since there are many virtual reality parks opened where people can enjoy and fool around with this device, they found the way to bring this experience in their homes or to their smartphone devices, to be more precise.

Since not all resolutions and screens were meant for the best experience of the virtual reality apps, they have decided to create better, more flexible and adjustable smartphones and, more important, smartphones with better displays. That’s how this list of 6 best smartphones with 4K display for VR is created. If stories are true, virtual reality can be a great experience.

When creating this list, several things had to be taken into consideration. One of them is a battery life because who needs a phone that has to be on the charger all the time? Of course, the price was one of the major issues when buying a new phone, so that was also taken as primary criteria. Also, internal and RAM memory was important because no matter how good some phone might look like, it doesn’t mean a thing if it can’t handle apps. The last, but not least important were the phone features in general, such as camera, audio quality etc.

So let’s see the full list of 6 best smartphones with 4K display for VR.

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