6 Biggest Science Festivals Around The World

If you are a science freak that likes to visit different science festivals and see all new discoveries and improvements in the field of science, there are 6 biggest science festivals around the world that you need to attend at least once in your life.

Science exists since the cavemen. If there wasn’t for scientific laws back there, people wouldn’t even be able to discover the fire. In that case, we would still be freezing to death and eating raw food (even though raw food became trendy lately). The only difference was that people didn’t know how to define it like we do today. But even now, when we already have that many discoveries in this field, there are still so many things left to be discovered.

Pixabay/Public Domain

Unlike the technology, science is not being improved every day. The only thing increasing is the amount of information available to people. If you are some sort of a science freak, you know what I am talking about. If you are not, let me explain it on the example. Gravity exists from the beginning of the world, but the only difference was that people didn’t even have a term for it nor understood the law of gravity. The only thing they knew is that if you don’t feel the ground, and you are not holding for anything, you are going down. And it wasn’t until the apple fall on Isak Newton’s head that people even tried to understand it and know what was actually going on here. But this doesn’t mean that the gravity didn’t exist before and it also doesn’t mean that we would never know about it if there wasn’t for Newton. If there wasn’t for Newton, there would be some other person in a decade, or even a century later to bring the gravity closer to us. Because the only thing that Newton did was to try to understand the gravity. He didn’t invent it and he didn’t make it work.

It is the same thing with all the other scientific discoveries. People are not making anything new up, but it is still fascinating to discover new things related to science. Before 1831, when the British Science Association was established to gather scientists from all around the world to discuss their discoveries with each other and present it to the public, it was very hard for scientists to find their place and give their discoveries to the wider public. Nowadays, it is all a lot easier since there are science festivals all over the globe. And while there are many local ones, there are science festivals that host over 100,000 people per a day. Speaking of it, let’s see what the 6 biggest science festivals around the world are.

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