6 causes of human trafficking in Africa, India and US

We at the Stocktalkreview feel that it can’t be overemphasized how important to speak about human trafficking, which does exist even in the 21st century. Now we are here to show you what Insider Monkey has researched for you about the 6 causes of human trafficking in Africa, India and US. 

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For many of us human trafficking is an invisible thing that’ why we think it can’t happen to us or to our relatives, acquaintances. But the facts contradict to what we believe. If we check media we can see that even people come of a good family can be involved. Therefore we think  Insider Monkey’s latest article about this issue is a must-read one.

Social sciences refer human trafficking as modern slavery, and actually it is. And slavery has always existed for the whole of the human history,and has been visible more or less to the majority. But now, as we stepped into the 21st century we have to stop  to think over what are its causes, why people are forced to live in modern slavery, and it’s high time to do something for these people. We mustn’t close our eyes and stuff our fingers in our ears – what’s more we have to raise awareness throughout society and look after people are endangered in the society for instance migrants, the poor, asylum seekers.

Naturally the real solutions have to be found by the higher governmental institutions, yet Insider Monkey focus on the most important causes of human trafficking now. As you read the article you will see that these reasons are almost the same throughout the whole world, and there is an interesting fact revealed: human trafficking is the most prevalent in those countries where the prostitution is legalized. But also we can find lots of examples from countries such as Italy, Germany, or the Netherlands. Although we can find large number of examples for human trafficking in Europe, and the main reasons are more or less the same, Latin America is said to be the traffic market of the world as the sexual  exploitation is the most prevalent reason for human trafficking here. But – this time we concentrate on the causes of human trafficking in Africa, India and US. As usual, Insider Monkey did a very good job to research several excellent sources and publications in order to present you a really readable article.

We would like emphasize Insider Monkey’s article will not mean to suggest any solutions for the problems of human trafficking, but it does tend to show you the main causes of human trafficking in Africa, India and the US. Hopefully we can draw attention to this burning problem of the world.

6. Legalized Prostitution

On of the main reason for human trafficking is legalized prostitution, and unfortunately it is legalized in some African countries and also in India, but not in the US. Nevertheless several developed countries will have to face with the higher inflow of human trafficking as more and more prostitutes come from these and other less developed countries. These exploited people arrive in the more developed countries in the hope of having a much better life, but alas, many times they fall into the same miserable situation in the new world, too.

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5. Poverty and Unemployment

These two factors are pretty obvious ones as main reasons of human trafficking, specifically in Africa. Where girls and women are sold as objects just for getting some income, the human trafficking is an everyday thing. Women and girls (even as children generally) are the weakest group in the society, especially in African countries where people’s life is an everyday struggle against poverty and unimployment.

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4. Lack of Education

Education is the key for a new and better life, but if someone is deprived of education – that person doesn’t have any chances to break out of the terrible life situation. In the African countries women don’t have the necessary education to get a skilled job which pays more. This is a vicious circle: if they are not well-educated, they can’t get a better job, but if they don’t have higher income they can’t learn. And one more essential thing: if they are not educated they aren’t conscious of their rights and freedom of choice, which leads to human trafficking again.

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3. Social and Personal Insecurity

But not only Africa and India are involved in human traficking,  it is very frequent in th US as well, since social and personal insecurity present in the developed countries also. People who are lonely or don’t have strong family bounds can also be victims of the human trafficking.

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2. Gender Discrimination

I think nobody is surprised if we name sexual exploitation as one of the most important causes of human trafficking. In India for example large number of girls and women are forced to marry to completely foreign men and get into naked situation for a lifetime with nobody helping them. Never ever.

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1. Lack of Human Rights

I think we can agree the most terrifying form of human trafficking is child trafficking. In those countries where people have to face with deprivation bleakness, parents become involved in this monstrosity. Lack of human rights can be found in many countries throughout the whole world, but it is very common in India.

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These were the causes of human trafficking in Africa, India and US that Insider Monkey checked for us, and now we do have to think it over, what’s more we mustn’t pass these horrific facts, because it can happen to everyone, every day, in every country.


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