6 Dating Apps Like Tinder That Don’t Require Facebook

Dating became virtual long time ago, but the problem with it (besides not knowing who is on the other side of the chat) is that most of them require connecting your social network account. Since these accounts are supposed to be private and hidden from the unknown people who just want to get into your pants and might become one of the stockers, there is a solution for you. Actually, not one but 6 dating apps like Tinder that don’t require Facebook.

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First of all, not every person in the world has a Facebook account. Some of us got sick and tired of all of our friends making some ridiculous statements on their walls that, naturally, pop up just when you decide to relax and get some online entertainment like reading some smart/funny post. Instead, you end up reading about the lost jobs, love issues, people who always complain about every single thing from the moment they open their eyes until they fall asleep. Not that rare, many of them have nightmares that they also love sharing with their Facebook friends, although the majority of them don’t even care.

And what about people who got into themselves that they are the only people in the world that have a super cute baby, who is very smart and learned to clap their hands before the age of one. Well, to all of my Facebook friends: I have a child as well and none of you wouldn’t know it if you haven’t bumped into me when I had a belly or were with my child somewhere out. Some of you wouldn’t recognize my child if they saw him in the park. And no, he is not an idiot. And yes, he also started walking before the age of one. And yes, he knows how to hold a spoon and eat by himself. And just because I don’t post each of his moves online, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t exist. But ok, I get it, you are proud. But I don’t need to see it.

I got a bit off the topic, but it is fine. After all, we all live in a virtual world and this is all a big part of it. So, to get back on online dating. Some people just don’t like some unfamiliar person having all of that private information about them. As far as I am aware of it, each online dating apps have the unlimited number of pictures that someone can upload, right? Also, you have boxes for all of your information. So, why would you allow anyone who just got horny by seeing only your picture on dating site/app to have the full access to your life?

For all of you who agree with me, here is the list of 6 dating apps like Tinder that don’t require Facebook. Enjoy your dating!

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