6 Easiest Fairway Woods to Hit in 2017


Swing the ball with 6 easiest fairway woods to hit in 2017.

As far as I know, golf was always a sport for elite, usually older people. I don’t know why, but it was always the way I saw it.


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Golf is a really old sport. Although the real origins are still not revealed, it is assumed that it all started in Scotland, somewhere in the 1600s. For a long time, it really was only a sport for higher classes and, until today, there are golf clubs in many countries in the world for golf players. The fee is usually rather expensive, but the game itself is now opened for people of all layers of society. It even became professional sport like soccer and tennis and champions can earn a lot of money here.

The only thing that knew was that golf players had to hit several holes to finish the game and that those games lasted for several hours. The goal is finishing the game with fewer strokes. Also, they have several clubs that they bring along with them. Of course, for us who don’t get golf, they are all the same. For the ones who don’t know, there are 3 types of golf clubs: iron, drivers, and fairway woods. Who knew? Well, those people playing golf, obviously.

Each golf club has 5 different parts: a shaft, grip, hosel, clubhead, and ferrule. Each golf club type mentioned above (drivers, iron, and fairway woods) has its features.  When it comes to fairway woods, those are a higher loft and a shallower face height and clubheads are made out of metal such as titanium, hollow steel, or composite materials.

Each type of golf club has its purpose. Because of a lower loft, fairway woods are the perfect clubs for long shots. The loft is adjustable. A lower loft gives you better option off the tee and a higher loft is for higher launching a ball and stopping it quicker.

If you are a beginner without any previous knowledge of golf, you should know how to make a difference between golf clubs. Of course, this is a lot easier in practice. But, for example, if you have two golf clubs one next to the other, you will recognize them because the clubheads are smaller and shafts are shorter with fairway woods than they are with driver golf clubs.

So let’s see now what 6 easiest fairway woods to hit in 2017 were.

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