6 Easiest Foam Planes To Build From Scratch At Home

If you are into flying and home-craft, then check out 6 easiest foam planes to build from scratch at home.

Personally, I am afraid of flying. Although flying is statistically the safest way for traveling, I would rather die than get on some. But I love the small ones that you can play with via joystick or a smartphone. We recently got a drone that is controlled by the smartphone, but unfortunately, the poor thing didn’t last more than a month. We picked the perfect spot to learn how to handle it, but we had some technical issues at first. Somehow, as soon as we got into basics, we smashed it into the only tree in the whole field. At the end, we gave it to a friend to try to repair it, but I didn’t ask about it since. I would rather not know. Even if he repaired it, he can play with it as long as he wants because I can’t deal with it anymore.

Pixabay/Public Domain

But if someone would leave me with the drawing and the foam plane making kit, I don’t think that I would need any other hobby for at least a month. There is no the bigger satisfaction than having only the sketch on the piece of paper and, by following directions and making some things on your own on the way, making something beautiful that works. The mechanic is very complicated sometimes and requires a lot of consulting and patience. While some people get annoyed immediately, some, like me, get calmer while collecting the wires, gathering different pieces and making something out of nothing. Yes, I am a girl and no, don’t judge. This isn’t some marketing strategy and I don’t try to get more readers. I just like messing around with this kind of things.

Nowadays, in order to buy original and functional RC plane, you will need to pay between $20 and $300 on eBay. If you look at these models, you will realize how low quality the cheaper ones are and even the more expensive ones are not the complete satisfactions. But once you build some RC plane on your own, you become addicted. The whole point of making it from the scratch is that you will be able to manage all the features and even the design as you wish. To find the ones that are easiest to be made, Insider Monkey that recently researched this topic a bit more consulted DIY forums like RC India and RC Groups and, according to the reviews and experiences of RC plane builders, they came up with the list of 6 easiest foam planes to build from scratch at home, so let’s see the results.

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