6 Easiest Frauds to Commit and Make Money (Updated)

We have compilated the list of the 6 easiest frauds to commit and make money. Firstly, we would like to declare that this compilation isn’t published to encourage anyone to scam others, but mainly it’s written to attract your attention what kind of frauds you can meet in real life or on the internet, and that you should avoid every suspicious investment, donation, bargain and so on.

Due to the social media, there are lots of groups that focus on frauds and scammers. If you join these groups you will be surprised how many frauds can be find out there, and how catious you have to be. There are people who sell goods to a lot of people without having these goods at all. They just pretend to have them, ask the money in advance, and then they disappear. They send neither the article, nor the money back; what’s more they block the victims on social media in order to avoid meeting them again. This is one of the most popular scams in the internet, especially that we had a horrible four months’ long quarantine due to coronavirus. During this period everybody ordered everything via internet, millions of people arranged their weekly shopping on the internet, and many customers wanted to buy masks and antiseptic gels. Consequently the number of internet scams has exponentially grown lately.

Now, without a further ado, let’s check out which frauds Insider Monkey have investigated for you as the 6 easiest frauds to commit and make money.

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6. Pyramid (Ponzi) Scheme

It’s pretty unbelievable, but it still works. If you intend to commit it, you will have set up a website, just everybody can see that you company is real. The next step is advertising, and promising large interests on the investments. Money comes from new investors, who are so naive to invest money in your “business”.

5. Emergency call (Grandparent scheme)

It’s another easy fraud, but as for me, this is the most disgusting one, as it targets the most vulnerable people: grandparents. In this scam grandparents are called and told theid grandchildren are in big trouble, and they need money ASAP. For example they are involved in an accident, or they had a debate with a gang and now they have to pay money to them. The old usually don’t look after the story and if they have money at home, you give it the scammers immediately. One of acquintances was called as if the scammer were her own son. Then the scammer told the mother “Oh Mom, I’m in a big trouble, as I made a car accidentm and now I have to pay lots of money. I had big punches into my head, please Mom, send money immediately.” With this, the scammer explained why the mother couldn’t recognize her “son’s” voice. This scam ended luckily, as the father called the son’s mobile, so the scam turned out immediately.

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4. Auction scheme

The next scam on our list is auction scheme, and it’s related to the internet. The only thing you will need is a fast internet connection and a mobile. If you check out auction sites, you will have to decide how much you want to earn. Following the auction sites, after the object is sold, you call or write an email to other bidders, who couldn’t get the object. Then you just offer the same object at a lower price. Naturally you need to be careful with choosing the auction and the object.

3. Overpayment fraud

We are half way on our list of 6 easiest frauds to commit and make money, and here’s another easy scam, the overpayment freud. It’s all about a check that seems absolutely legitimate, and very similar to a relieable, well-known bank. The scammer then calls up the victim saying that the “bank” sent him/her too much, and asks the victim tp pay it back. It doesn’t need too big efforts to commit, and can gain lots of money in change. 

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2. Lottery prize scam

Lottery prize scam got the second spot on our list, as being a pretty undemanding one. It generally works becuase people tend to believe that they really can win the lottery, and they deserve it. Even those who are sceptical, can be cheated since they give couple of percentage to the possibility to win. So, the scammers seem to represent a government agency and use big names to make the scam believable. Then “the lucky winner” don’t need to do anything else, but to pay is a little tax/fee to get the prize. We don’t need to say that the winner will never hear about the representative of the agency again.

1. Charity scam

This scam hits the top on our list of the 6  easiest frauds to commit and make money. At first those who want to commit this scam don’t need to invest too much, but they can get large profit. One of the easiest types is to go from door to door and ask donations in behalf of children in the 3rd world, disabled children, or people who suffer in various disease. However, it’s tiring you need to walk a lot all day long and try to pursuade people to donate. What’s more, you will need to create a fake ID for yourself as you will have to identify yourself. We must mention that people nowadays are very cautious, and prefer to donate via bank transfers to various foundations and organizations.

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