6 Easiest Genres To Write

The toughest decision every writer faces when he or she starts off his or her career: which genre to take? I have an idea, why don’t you try out with some of the 6 easiest genres to write?

Deciding to be a writer is a tough call, especially if you choose it to be the only source of your incomes. The majority of writers face the hard criticism when they are starting off, just because of their lack of experience, which can finally lead to giving up. Like sitting in front of the blank paper and not knowing where to start isn’t hard enough. And what about finding a publisher? Well, this is why I write posts. That and because I am too embarrassed and afraid about the impressions of the experts and readers in general.

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The majority of people don’t take writers for serious. They think that writers have one of the easiest jobs on Earth. In their opinion, writers are lazy people trying to find a way to earn some cash aside while their family has to struggle with finances and bills. They don’t have working hours, they can sleep and take as many brakes as they want. They even don’t have to work for a few weeks. For them, writing isn’t a job. It is a hobby. A hobby that basically anyone can start.

But things are not as easy as they seem. First of all, you need to have a talent and imagination to come up with the story that will place you as a bestseller. There is no perfect book if you already know the whole plot and the outcome. And what about the beginning? Unless you plan on writing fairy tales, just forget about the ‘’Once upon a time…’’. You have to start with some strong and remarkable first sentence that will immediately catch the reader’s attention. It doesn’t have to be something really smart or very unique. It can be some simple sentence, but it has to convince the reader that there is a long, curly road waiting for him on every new page. And what about the headline? I actually believe that this is the hardest part of all. How to come up with the headline that is short enough to be put bolded on the cover, but strong enough so that the reader knows what to expect?

And if you are finally done with your book, take a bit of the rest and look for a publisher. Before you do it, try to remember that, besides the good story, they are looking forward to investing in someone who plans on continuing with writing and they will sign the contract only if they have a strong feeling that your book would bring them profit. On the bright side, if you find the publisher, he or she would do everything instead of you. Except for writing, of course. If you like, you can check out the list of 7 easiest genres to get published.

But you need to have a book to get published, right? So, let’s pick a genre. If you can’t think of any, check out the list of 6 easiest genres to write than Insider Monkey prepared for you and pick one. Or even better, pick a few and mix them up, people would love it!

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