6 Facts About Tijuana Drug Cartel Violence: Kidnappings and Killings

Now let’s read about facts about Tijuana drug cartel violence: kidnapping and killings. Insider Monkey’s article reveals some facts for us now. Violence is a common trademark of many drug cartels which they use to settle various disputes and to scare their rivals as well as potential partners in crime. Based in Tijuana, Mexico, Arellano Felix Organization is the most violent drug cartel in North America according to the article  published by Public Broadcasting Service. When Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, the founder of Guadalajara Cartel, was arrested back in 1989, his organization broke down into two fractions: Sinaloa Cartel, led by notorious Joaquín Guzmán Loera also known as “El Chapo” and the Tijuana Cartel, led by Gallardo’s nephews, the Arellano Felix brothers. Tijuana Cartel is a family business which is partly responsible for their success for decades. The drug cartel family consisted of seven brothers and four sisters who ruled the streets of Mexico for years. With many brothers incarcerated or dead, it is believed that the business is now run by one of the sisters, Enedina Arellano Felix who is believed to be the the first female drug lord, sometimes called “La Narcomami”. She survived the fall of her brothers as well as other kingpins, including “El Chapo” himself. Even though “La Narcomami” is more interested in getting money than killing and radiating fear, her brothers made sure that Tijuana Cartel has a bloody history.

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Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked one fact from their list.

You probably have in mind a lot of unrealistic movie scenes where the hero saves the day, even if he has to fight more than 10 people at once. Well, this is exactly the scene which helped the Arellano brothers to find a perfect leader for the cartel’s assassins. In 1992, Ramon and Javier Arellano were attacked by 40 assassins sent by “El Chapo”. One of Ramon’s bodyguards, David Barron Corona, killed the gunman and used his AK-47 to hold off the others while simultaneously he helped the obese Ramon to climb on the roof. Another assassin was waiting on the ground, and Barron killed him too, enabling both Ramon and Javier a safe passage. According to a detailed report on Tijuana Cartel published by The Atlantic after this incident, Benjamin Arellano recognized Barron as a true warrior and gave him a mission: to gather a team of assassins who would kill “El Chapo”. Barron traveled to Logan Heights where he recruited around 30 people, and offered them $500 plus kill bonuses. The reward for killing Guzman was 1 million and a ranch. They were equipped like soldiers with AK-47s, night-vision goggles, and bulletproof vests. The report mentioned above states that these men, despite working for a drug cartel, were not allowed to use drugs. If caught, they will be “sentenced” to one month in detox holding cells built by Tijuana Cartel.  Second-time offenders would stay for two months in the detox holding cells while those who will break the order for the third time will be sentenced to death.

For any further interesting information read Insider Monkey’s article about 6 facts Tijuana drug cartel violence: kidnapping and killings.

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