6 Free Art Classes in NYC For Adults

Would you like to try out something new? Then try some of these 6 free art classes in NYC for adults and have some fun.

Let’s face it, just because you are already working, have family and children at home, it doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to start practicing something. I mean, a guy recently managed to get the college degree in his 60th, so why wouldn’t you at least take a brush in your hands and create some masterpiece?

Pixabay/Public Domain

Frankly, I believe that we are all artists. If you would take a look at some gallery examples, you would see that some people are paid a bunch of money and respected worldwide just because they took the biggest piece of paper they could find, put the black dot in the center, and framed it. On the other hand, nowadays everyone is obsessed with Van Gogh and Picasso, but, during the era they lived in, everyone considered them disordered. I mean, Van Gogh might be. What kind of sane person would cut down his ear and why? After all, every artist is delusional and, let’s face it, our whole humanity is delusional and, therefore, we are all artists, right? I love this kind of equations!

Now for real. You don’t need the acknowledgment of someone who is accepted as a high-quality artist by some self-called high-quality artists, who don’t even know what they were doing, and not to even mention explaining someone else’s piece. It is like a poetry or writing a diary. It doesn’t matter whether someone else likes it or if they could do it better or not. The only thing that matter is that you have put your all feelings inside that one picture and you now feel good about yourself. After all, that’s what art is all about. Expressing your happiness or sadness, anger or fear, excitement or pleasure. One picture can say a thousand words. And what can your painting say?

But in that case, why should anyone attend some of the art classes? Simply because of picking up different techniques from different people and being able to practice, get some feedbacks, see how other people are doing and maybe find something that you can use with your acts, and, after all, being a bit aimed in right directions. After all, it doesn’t hurt to have a couple of hours a week for yourself, especially if you are not spending any money on it. If I convinced you at least a bit, check out 6 free art classes in NYC for adults and I guarantee you won’t regret it!

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