6 Hardest Instruments to Play for Kids in an Orchestra

We are always talking about the easiest instruments for children, but have you ever wonder what 6 hardest instruments to play for kids in an orchestra were? And why would you? You want your child to start playing ASAP and that won’t work if you give him something hard to start with.

Kids are very curious and enjoy new things. Whatever you give them, they will try to learn how to use it and play with it. But the problem is that nothing can hold their attention for too long and they can transfer to 4 different things in only one day. Especially if the thing they picked is too hard for them. They would either find their own way of playing with it or just leave it in the corner to collect dust. They might regret it some day, but there is no way they would ever pick it up by themselves.

Pixabay/Public Domain

On the other hand, if you decide to push them hard, there is a big chance that they will resemble you one day and keep playing this instrument although they hate it. Sometimes, they won’t dare to go against you until they are too old to throw that one instrument away but it might be too late for them to start learning a new one.

But there are two sides of every story. Your child might even appreciate your effort to make him or her play it at an early age. Your child might even be a wunderkind that will master some of these instruments in less than a year. If so, there can be a long career waiting for them in life and they can be thankful to you for the rest of their lives.

But the thing is, you can never assume right. There is always a chance that you will misread the signs and that both you and your child will consider you as a bad parent, at least in this matter. My honest advice is to give your child a chance to meet all instruments that they can reach in their lives and decide on their own. Your job is to practice with them and provide a tutor if needed, but make sure that your child is a fan of him or her because I guarantee you that he or she would stop playing it just because of the teacher. And, if you can, avoid giving your child some of these 6 hardest instruments to play for kids in an orchestra as long as you can. When they are old enough, they can learn to play them on their own, if they want to.

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