6 Insurance Companies with Conservative Values

If you are interested in conservative values and want to know more about insurance companies, you are at the right place, as Insider Monkey have come out with a great list of the 6 insurance companies with conservative values.

When we do our everyday things, for instance go shopping, travel by mass transportation, watch films, or just wash the car, we wouldn’t think but all these companies are get involved in politics somehow. Either the company’s policy or a certain political orientation prefers that company – they are all intertwined with politics. For example you would believe it or not but the race between Pepsi and Coca Cola is not just about the taste, as liberals generally prefer Pepsi, while Coca Cola is liked by conservatives. Of course all these are based on personal preferencies and people make their own decision in connection with their shopping habbits. On the other hand we can observe that for example Foodtown is regarded to be a conservative grocery store, but Whole Foods is concerned to be on on the liberal side.

Then there are companies that stand on a line of the customers’ preference and the value they represent, for instance Ford. It can’t be said if Ford is liberal or not, and the situation of the companies is not only black and white. It’s your personal preference if you want to buy conservative. You need to think through very thoroughly what is important for you and then you should decide which company you will choose.

Nevertheless insurance is very important part of our everyday life, so you need to make decisions related to it from time to time. Now, we are here to help you with showing six insurence companies form the list of insurance companies with conservative values.

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6. Shelter Insurance 

Let’s see the first insurance company, which is Shelter Insurance. It provides life, business,car and property insurances as well.


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5. Farmers Insurance

This insurance company offers many insurance services, such as home, car,  life and small business insurance. Farmers Insurance had $12,071.8 million revenue in 2018.


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4. American Financial Group

This insurance company is primarily deals with P&C (property and casualty) insurance. American Financial Group is regarded to be financially very strong and extremely reliable, which brought it the fourth place on this list now.


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3. Health Net

We are half way on our list of insurance companies with conservative values. Health Net is highly ranked related to the conservative values they represent, in 2016 they showed $14,009 million revenue, which covered 6 million people.


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2. Progressive Insurance

Prograssive Insurance is highly ranked related to the conservative values they represent in their attitudes in connection with immigration issues education and 2nd amendment. It’s one of the largest can insurance companies, with its $26,839 million revenue in 2018.


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1. Knights of Columbus

Knights of Columbus has got the first place on our list of  insurance companies with conservative values. This insurance company is one of the leading Catholic fraternal organizations that was founded in the end of the 19th century. In 2013 they issued more than $90 billion, which is the second reason for its place here.



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