6 Most Expensive Cigarette Brands in 2019

Even a decade ago, smoking was a cool thing, rather than a taboo as it is very embarrassing nowadays, and the companies had to change their strategies to survive, since the market began to shrink. So, we thought to discuss the 6  most expensive cigarette brands in 2019. In the recent years smoking restriction laws have become stricter and stricter. I know what I am about to write here will be very controversial, but today smokers are treated like people during the witch-hunts. I understand and agree that smoking is not only a bad habit, but it’s very unhealthy as well. It’s harmful for both active and passive smokers, too – but… smokers are treated like… cattles in the corral. And I don’t like either exaggerations or hating others fanatically. And nowadays I see that non-smokers hate smokers fanatically, what’s more it has become a new trend to do so. If you think I’m a smoker, too – that’s why I’m writing all this – you are right, I do smoke, but not too many, only one packet per week. And no, you are not quite right, as I’m writing all this, because I’m against to hate anything fanatically.

But now, let’s see the numbers. While during the 80s, there were about 180,000 tobacco growing farms in the US; in 2012 you could find only 10,000 due to the smoking restrction laws. Considering that the United States is the fourth largest tobbacco producing country after Brazil, China and India, this was rather bad news for the producers in the US.

Naturally, all of us know about the connection between smoking and cancer, and it’s the second largest reason why a strong decline can be seen in the tobbacco market. As there are thousands of chemicals in a single cigarette, and at least 70 of them can cause cancer – it’s really the best decision if no-one starts smoking. But to increase selling, producers began to decrease some of the most harmful ingredients, such as tar and nicotine.

And now, let’s see the 6 most expensive cigarette brands in 2019 based on the list of Insider Monkey.

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6. Marlboro

When I was young, Marlboro was the most famous foreign cigarette brand in my country. Million of people admired the large advertisements all over the country and the sexy style Marlboro suggested. Wow, lots of men wanted to be alike than those handsome Marlboro men! Although these times are over, Marlboro is still extremely popular and best-selling cigarette brand here. What does it cost if you want to buy a packet? Well, around $35 and up.

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5. Dunhil

Being a British brand, it’s owned by British American Tobacco. You can purchuse one packet of Dunhil between $30 and $50.

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4. Kent

It’s an American brand, owned by British American Tobacco, and its price is around $46.

3. Parliament

It’s an amrican cigaretta brand, owned by  Philip Morris USA and Philip Morris International Inc (NYSE:PM). As for the statistics, it’s one of the most popular, although it’s pretty cheap, one single packet of Parliament can cost 50 bucks.

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2. Sobranie

It’s a cigarette brand I have never heard of before, but it seems to be expensive, as it got the second place on this list today. If you want to buy a packet of Sobraine, you will have to pay a fortune: about around $50 to $80.

1. Treasurer

The first place is given to Treasurer on the list of the 6 most expensive cigarette brands in 2019. A packet of Treasuerer cost between £113 and £226, or around $150-$300.

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