6 Most Powerful Navies In The World: 2020 Rankings

If you are interested in military, keep reading the list of the 6 most powerful navies in the world. Insider Monkey has made a great research work as usual. If a country has a sea, it will surely need navy in order to defend its shores from any attack. Navies are for protecting their own sea lines and shores, as well as offend pirates and ports of other countries. As naval warfare has existed for millenaries, it’s one of the oldest warfare in the world. Today’s ships, destroyers and aircraft carriers are the wonders of the modern technology. An aircraft carrier has a full length flight deck, is able carry, deploy and recover an aircraft.

Global military spending has always been high. Although there are not as many wars as they used to be earlier, threats from other countries continually grow even today, therefore countries spend more and more on armament. There are still tensions between tivals, and these leads to skirmishes, which makes the difence companies richer and richer. And now, without a further ado, let’s see what are the 6 most powerful navies in the world.

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6. South Korea

South Korea has developed its army and navy due to its main enemy, North Korea. Therefore it has invested heavily in its navy and now it includes 2 aircraft carriers and 22 submarines.

5. Iran

Iran has been critized recently for spendig the budget on military, since the country is poverty-stricken. Actually, the country has lots o enemies, so maybe it was not an unwise idea. Anyhow, it has 34 submarines and almost 350 patrol boats.

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4. North Korea

It has only two corvettes, but this country has lots of patrol boats, maybe because the government want to prevent North Koreans to flee from the country.

3. Russia

We are half way on our list of the 6 most powerful navies in the world: 2020 rankings. Russia has been the opponent of the USA for a long time. These two countries have been competeng for decades. Russia can boast with  one aircraft carrrier and dozens of submarines, destroyers, frigates and mine warfare boats and corvettes.

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2. China

Actually, China is always in the top 3 concerning to anything. This country means the largest threat to the US. It goes on with investing in its military and navy, although it has already 74 submarines, 2 aircraft carriers, and more than 50 corvettes and frigates each.

1. United States of America

Well, the United States is on the top, as usual. All the other countries lag behind the US on the list of the 6 most powerful navies in the world: 2020 rankings. America has 10 aircraft carriersand 91 destroyers, more than all other countries combined.

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