6 Sex Classes for Couples in New York City

Every now and then every couple should spice their love life a bit and what is the best place to learn how to that than by attending any of 6 sex classes for couples in New York City?

The majority of people who cheated or were cheated in marriage admitted that the only reason they did it was that their relationship became too predictable. This is why around 40% of marriages fall apart nowadays. And while you see the young, divorced people who struggle with their children that suffer because their parents are splitting up, right next to them is an old couple that was left only two to three years until their golden wedding, still holding hands, leaning on each other, looking at each other with sparkles in their eyes like two young little doves. What is their secret?

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Everyone will say that not every relationship is based on sex and they would be right. There is a mutual respect, kindness, love. But we would all lie if we would tell that sex isn’t equally important as love. We all want to feel desirable and we all want to desire for someone. The point of marriage isn’t daydreaming or picturing another partner during the intercourse,  but wanting to rip off your spouse’s clothes. If there isn’t a passion, there isn’t the love as well and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you.

Besides passion, every couple needs some excitement and refreshing. This is why many couples, even the ones with children, have a date night every month or a week to be alone and remember why they first fall in love.

But how to spice up the sex life without losing the respect? The truth is that this is especially difficult for women. Men have a lot of fetishes, as well as the women, but men are easier in expressing them. But what happens when they fulfill them? Although the time has changed, women are still undermined. Most of the time, even when they make their man’s wish come true, they end up being the hurt ones, with no respect at all. So how can a woman be completely relaxed in this situation? She can’t act like a porn star in the bed because her man would either expect it from her every time they lay in bed or he would start looking at her only that way. On the other hand, missionary position is something that even our grandparents threw away from their bed.

But New York City has the solution for every couple that thinks that their love life became a bit dull. If your anniversary or your partner’s birthday is coming up, take a look at these 6 sex classes for couples in New York City and surprise him/her with booking one. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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