6 Smartphones With Best Earphones

What are the 6 smartphones with best earphones?

First of all, why should you track down smartphone with the best earphones? Since we always have our smartphones in our pockets and they have multiple apps that make our lives easier, we use it for everyday activities that sometimes require listening to some sounds.

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For example, when you are off to jogging, is it better to buy initial players, where you will also use some earbuds or use the ones connected directly to your smartphone? It is very comprehensive, because you can connect your earphones however you like: you can put them under your T-Shirt so the cables won’t bother you, put it in front or behind, and you can enjoy the music from your phone memory or even enter YouTube or some stream and listen to the music online without anyone else being able to hear what you have to say.

Earphones are also the best solution when it comes to having to hear something while you are home without anyone else from your house being able to hear it and therefore being deconcentrated by the sounds coming from your smartphones. For example, you can watch a movie in your bed while your loved one is sleeping right next to you and he or she won’t be annoyed by the loud sounds coming from your smartphone.

For example, there are two things I use my earphones for. The first thing is listening to voice messages sent on Viber, Whatsapp, or Facebook Messenger. For some reason, when receiving voicemail via these apps, you are automatically set on speaker, which is why literally everyone standing in a 10 feet circle can hear every word someone had to say.

The second reason is the music that bothers some of the people I live with not just because they hate it, but because some of them want to sleep or concentrate on something. Or I just play some music on the 100% volume, close my eyes, and picture myself on some concert that I won’t ever be able to go. This way, I can forget about where I am and who I am with and travel across the borders by myself, not being aware of anyone’s existence.

To be honest, I don’t prefer having my earphones when I am outside. First of all, because I am always thinking that I make some strange noise, even when I am just breathing and I start feeling uncomfortable. And the other thing is that I don’t feel safe when I have them on. I am always afraid that some car would pop out from nowhere and I won’t be able to hear it because of the music and I can get killed. And don’t even say to me that I could resolve this issue by reducing the sound because, this way, I can’t hear my music right. In my personal experience, earphones are the best solutions for home and I stand for it! Their place is my night table and nowhere else.

But not everyone shares my opinion and that’s fine too. This doesn’t change the fact that, if you are already buying headphones, you want to buy the best. And which ones are they? Check out the article by Insider Monkey 6 smartphones with best earphones and find out.

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