7 Best Android Phones With Removable Batteries in 2017

How to find the 7 best Android phones with removable batteries in 2017 when the majority of manufacturers make even the phones with masks that can’t be removed?

When I got my first tablet, I must admit that I was super excited. It was the dual SIM and it even had a memory card slot. But there was one thing that almost made me throw it out of the window- when it started bugging, I couldn’t restart it unless I had a pen or something else thin enough to b6 great phones e put through a little whole it had because I couldn’t remove its battery. I did it two years later when the battery had to be changed because of some surprising damage and I spend a lot of time opening it up and putting the new one.

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After a while, I gave up and got used to not being able to restart my tablet almost ever so I found a solution: let it go until the battery is empty. It would turn off by itself and after you plug in the charger, it would start working as the brand new one. But the thing that surprised me, and, I must admit, got me mad even more, was when I went to buy a new phone and find the one with all the features I wanted, but when I asked where the memory card slot is placed, the seller told me that the slot is set on the side, as well as the SIM card slot because the battery can’t be removed. Would someone explain me why?

According to the smartphone manufacturers, the non-removable batteries allows them to make a lot thinner phones and prevent dust and other unwanted particles to get in and damage the inner segments. Besides that, they claim that putting the battery in and out too often not just that damages the battery, it also damages the phone. Ok, sure. But wait. I already have the thin enough smartphone. Why would I ask for a phone thin as a piece of paper? As for the dust, whenever you open your smartphone, you can clean it up as well, and it is much simpler than the ones that can’t be opened. How can anyone clean them up without paying a high price in some service? And, yes, it damages the phone and the battery. But see it from the different angle. The phones with removable batteries are easier to charge and, besides, you can always bring the spare one with you and replace it whenever you are out and have no charger. Besides, if the non-removable battery gets damaged, all the fluid from it would spread on the inner parts of the phone and definitely damage it completely and the only way to replace it would be to pay a high price to some experts, which is why many people immediately decide to buy the new phone instead. This might be the main reason why the phone manufacturers are promoting phones with non-removable batteries that much. But don’t give them that satisfaction if you don’t have to. We were all perfectly satisfied with our old smartphones. On the bright side, some of the manufacturers are still producing the phones with removable batteries, just in case, and there are the ones that, besides that, have the great features in general.
Without any further ado, here is the list of 7 best Android phones with removable batteries in 2017.

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