7 Best Boarding Schools in New York for Elementary School

Finding the best educational center for your child is hard enough, especially when they are in elementary school, and not to even mention finding the best boarding school if you live somewhere far away. So we found the 7 best boarding schools in New York for elementary school students.

Until I started college and had to move from my place, I had an idea of the boarding schools as the army training that teaches children to be robots and learn to live under rules. On the other hand, preschoolers and elementary school students are too fragile and too attached to their parents and, until are old enough to start on their own, which certainly isn’t before the age of 15, they need to feel loved and protected in their own homes, surrounded with family, and sleeping in their own, cozy bed. While some people think that this will treat spoiled and irresponsible kids, many psychiatrists believe that the isolated kids are more likely to grow up to be insensitive to others and very likely to become cruel financial chasers. Of course, none of them put it this way, but if you would read some of their reports, you would get the same point.

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On the other hand, boarding schools are teaching children to fight for themselves without the help of anyone. The way the staff and their parents see it, children living in this kind of condition will start doing their best on their own before the age of 10 and probably by the age of 15 be able to take a seat in some of their parent’s corporation’s place. Although I would never send my child to one of those institutions, mostly because I am over protective and paranoid, there is also the bright side of boarding schools. First of all, your child will be thought discipline that you won’t even be able to imagine doing. Their staff is really qualified and experienced and they are able to recognize the potential in each child and find the perfect balance between their possibilities and the amount of mental force they can handle. Besides, none of the teachers working in boarding schools can afford to be less than perfect lecturers and psychologists at the same time. Depending on the subjects the boarding school is offering and the subject your child and you will choose, they can learn a lot of useful things that some other kid would be able to meet more than 10 years later when they start college. Of course, best boarding schools would require the higher tuition, but, if you already decided to send your child to one of those, I suppose that you already have at least 6-figures long bank account and counting, so it shouldn’t be a big deal.

So for all fresh parents and wealthier grandparents, click on 7 best boarding schools in New York for elementary school and allow your child the best education out there.

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