7 Best Cigarettes Brands in India

Since India is still a country that has a big number of smokers, Insider Monkey decided to discover 7 best cigarette brands in India.

Believe it or not, India is one of the countries that prohibited the smoking in public places in 2008. It really seems surprising because many developed countries didn’t do so after all of these years of the bad influence smoking has awareness.

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Unfortunately, this didn’t make people from India smoke. It only prevented them to smoke when going out, but the number of smokers is still high. According to the World Health Organization database, 47.9% of the entire male population in India smokes, while women are far behind, with 20.3%. Unfortunately, this database covers only the population older than 15, which doesn’t mean that there are no children younger than 15 that smoke on a daily basis.

Moreover, India is the second largest tobacco producer in the world, while Russia and Belgium are the leading consumers of Indian tobacco. But, while their tobacco export is on the rise, India is still the fourth largest illegal cigarette market in the world.

Finding the best out of the best wasn’t that easy job. Let’s face it, the most sold cigarettes are usually the most affordable ones, which definitely doesn’t mean the best quality. As for the record, the most sold cigarette brand in India is Bidi, that is a thin cigarette, filled with tobacco and it is called ’’the poor man’s cigarette’. But, on the other hand, the high price also doesn’t mean the best cigarette. But it also doesn’t mean the opposite. So, this is the ’good luck’ pick.

The ones that Insider Monkey found were the result of consulting sources such as World Blaze, Wys Wyg, and Live Mint and comparing the most sold cigarettes with their prices. According to their research, the ITC Ltd is the leading cigarette industry, with the 72% of overall Indian cigarette sale and, according to this research, the annual sale is estimated to be near $57 billion. Like I said public smoking prohibition didn’t make anyone quit it. Far, far behind ITC Ltd is the Godfrey Philips Ltd, with the 12% of overall cigarette sale in the country, followed by Golden Tobacco Ltd and Vazir Sultan Tobacco Industries Ltd that share the place with 8% each.

Let’s now take a look at results of Insider Monkey’s research for 7 best cigarette brands in India.

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