7 Best Cooking YouTube Channels To Watch

For all the cooking lovers, Insider Monkey prepared the list of 7 best cooking YouTube channels to watch.

Personally, I despise cooking channels. Not because they are boring or whatever else, but because I always get too hungry to think about anything other than the food. Even if I watched the show during the meal.


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On the other hand, a lot of people around the world enjoy watching these shows, pick those chef’s brains, and try out their recipes.  Again, I am not that type. I am more of a reading and practical person. So, you can either give me the bullet points so that I could read it without throwing the cookbook/laptop/smartphone out of the window, or you can come and show it by yourself, while I repeat each move.

But let’s not talk any more about me. It is about time we pay attention to those people who can stand watching cooking shows without having any regrets whatsoever. There are a lot of TV shows, but, let’s face it: advertisement killed it all. Out of an hour of the show, at least 20 minutes are made out of commercials. This means that you spent 20 minutes of your life not watching the show, but getting angry because you already forgot what you saw.

Luckily, we live in a virtual world nowadays where the commercials can be skipped after 15 seconds if there are any. This is why the majority of people use different streamers to watch shows, but still, the most popular platform of all is the YouTube. I won’t spear your time by explaining some basic facts about YouTube since there is no a person in the world that isn’t familiar with this platform. Instead, we are going to cut right to the chase!

This list is compiled based on the number of current subscribers and views and, although it is made in January, the list would remain the same even 10 months after. Of course, Jamie Oliver remains on top even 11 years after the premier or the first ever episode. By watching his show, you will learn everything from the scratch for a different meal: from buying the ingredients, until the serving at the end.  On his YouTube channel, you can find recipes for every occasion, from the family Sunday lunch ‘till the fancy snacks and healthy shakes. Speaking of the great content!

Besides Jamie Oliver, there are more great cooking channels to watch and subscribe. Just click on the 7 best cooking YouTube channels to watch and see the full list!

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