7 Best Online Programs For Special Needs Students

Everyone is entitled to the education, which is why there are, besides all those online MOOCs for everyone, 7 best online programs for special needs students as well.

Even though new programs try to include students with special needs, we all know that it won’t work that way. Including them in regular schools might help their social skills but, as far as the knowledge is concerned, it is a two-way street. Either those advanced students will fall behind because teachers will need to try to work harder with students with special needs, or students with special needs would be finishing school with straight Fs. Neither of those options work.


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But, luckily, there is always a way to resolve the issues regarding education for students with special needs. There are many schools all around the globe that have separate classrooms from regular and students with special needs and all of them spend their breaks in the same object and garden. This way, all students get the knowledge they can handle, there can be more teachers concentrating on very advanced, but very slow students as well, and they can all hang out together sometimes. This way, regular students learn about the tolerance towards people who are different than them, and students with special needs learn how to behave in public and socialize with others, which will be very important skills for them after they graduate.

Since we live in a virtual world now, it is completely natural that besides the education we must have regulated by law, we can also spread our views with attending some of the MOOCs.  For the ones unfamiliar with this term, MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Courses. Many of them are not tuition-free, but some of them can be also attended with zero dollars spent.

It is very simple to use them. You just sign in, leave your basic info and choose one of many courses available. They are all held by experienced professors and all the material is provided by MOOC’s partners, which are some of the most prestigious colleges in the world. Many of them also provide the official certificate after you are done with all classes and exams and, during the studying, you are being given both written and video material, as well as some soundtracks for practice. Of course, working with a tutor is a must have.

Just like these MOOCs, there are online courses for special needs students as well. And here are 7 best online programs for special needs students.

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