7 Best Prison Documentaries on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and YouTube

If you want to take a more realistic picture of the life of inmates, here are 7 best prison documentaries on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and YouTube to watch.

No matter what people think, living behind bars isn’t as simple as it seems. Although some people claim that all inmates deserved all the torture they survive behind, it isn’t always the truth. First of all, neither guards and especially other inmates are there to judge anyone. The only one who can do it is the judge.

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Personally, I respected older civilization. Criminals would get what they deserved based on their acts. If they only stole for becoming more wealth, their hands would be broken or cut off. If they were maniacs, they would be tortured the way they tortured their victims. If they raped someone, they would be raped as many times as they did it to someone else.

Nowadays we do it differently. Nowadays, only judges have right to decide the punishment and the only punishment any criminal would get would be the prison and the judge is there to decide for how long the criminal would be sleeping behind the bars. But what exactly is waiting for those people after getting into cells?

Nothing you saw in movies was a lie. Everything is true, at least in a majority of prisons. Prison guards believe that they have rights to torture everyone. They lock them in cells, they beat them to blood, they make them clean toilets with toothbrushes. They don’t let them eat. They have deals with some inmates and let them torture both physically and mentally everyone they want. They even cover them raping others. And they use them for their own fun. Like dogs in the ring.

On the other hand, just because some of them are locked behind the bars, it doesn’t mean that they stop making same mistakes they were locked for in the first place. They continue killing, beating, torturing, raping, and they are usually not caught. They even get to get drugs. The only thing they are supposed to do is to find the most corrupted prison guards and have their crowd. So now, even people who weren’t locked because some more serious act suffer and have a miserable life.

Living in prison is more dangerous than living like homeless in some dangerous neighborhood. At least you know who to be afraid of and there is no guarantee that someone would attack you in the first place. But it is horrible what inmates suffer. Here are 7 best prison documentaries on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and YouTube to learn more about it.

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