7 Best Rugged Smartphones of 2017

Do you consider yourself one of those persons who can’t handle having one phone longer than a year without damaging it, challenge yourself with one of 7 best rugged smartphones of 2017.

The phone that lasted the longest in my hand was a Nokia 3220. Remember that cute, little one, with 2 lights on each side that turned on and changed colors each time you got a text or a call? I loved it too much, but, no matter how much I cared about it, I would drop it at least once a day. I am too clumsy for these phones, especially the new ones because they are too fragile and can’t take too much pressure.

Pixabay/Public Domain

And if I can’t have a phone with the saved display, how could people with some rigorous jobs have it? Or people that have some extreme sport as their hobby? Imagine people who work on constructions having light phones with fragile displays. There is no mask that could save it from breaking within a month. Luckily, there is a solution for people handling this kind of business, or just people clumsy like I am – rugged phones. These phones are resistant enough that you can put them on heat, cold, under the water, throw them from the 4th floor, step on them, and be sure that, when you turn them on, they would work like they just got out of the factory.

The problem with finding the right rugged phone for yourself is actually finding the rugged phone. This might sound funny, but it actually isn’t. Many manufacturers label their products rugged even though they don’t really reach the right criteria. First of all, each smartphone that runs for the ‘rugged smartphone’ title has to have the IP68 certificate. To get that, it needs to be completely dustproof (which is ranked from 1 to 6) and can handle being 1.5 meters under the water for at least 30 minutes (ranked from 1 to 8). Besides getting this certificate, it has to pass the shockproof test. And, if you are looking for a bit more hard-core standards and look for the military specifications and standards, you are looking for one more specification and that is the 2 feet fall test.

Still, there is no other way to check if the manufacturer is trying to trick customers or not beside buying a labeled smartphone or waiting for other people to buy it and try it. But, remember, although after some time smartphones lose their value and become cheaper, there are also the cases where, not just that the price stays the same because of the great reviews, but it can also arise because of them. So, don’t risk it. Check out the Insider Monkey’s list of 7 best rugged smartphones of 2017 and order one right now!

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