7 Best Smartphones for Parents and Senior Citizens in India

What are the 7 best smartphones for parents and senior citizens in India?

Before the mobile phones were launched, we were only able to contact people when both us and they were in houses and called each other via home phones. It was a lot easier than having to walk from door to door, especially when it would turn out that the person we were trying to reach is not home. This all became a lot easier with the launching of the first mobile phone when we became able to communicate with people even when some of us weren’t home. And the best part of it was that each one of us had our own mobile phone so we didn’t need to wait in line to call someone.

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But developers soon realized that these mobile phones had a lot more potential that can be used, which is why they installed new software and launched even better series of mobile phones than we could ever imagine existed- smartphones. Although our old phones could go online or take some pictures, these new ones were quicker, with better cameras, and more reliable. When you look it that way, you don’t need to have anything else in your home nowadays. Via your phone, you can browse the Internet, you can take pictures, you can make appointments, you can use it as a diary or a scheduler, and you can always carry it with yourselves in your pocket.

Whenever the new smartphone with even better options is launched, all the younger generations rush to buy it and they learn how to use the new options within a day. But the senior citizens have a bit of an issue even mastering the basics. Since most of the new phones don’t have a keyboard, but the touch screen, they all come in with prejudices that this is some high tech device that you need to be some sort of tech savvy to master. The truth is, they are just misleading by the younger generations who are too lazy and annoyed by the series of questions the seniors ask. Instead of helping them out, we just say something like ‘’It is too complicated for you’’ or ‘’You don’t need it’’. The truth is, everyone can learn to use smartphones. The only thing is that some people need some extra time to do it, and that’s all. The problem that appears is that mobile phone services use the lack of knowledge of seniors to take them as much money as they can for some simple task that even a child can fix. And, to be fair, people want to take advantage of everything and they also want to search through every device even though they know they could break it.

This is why you need to buy the phone that is both practical and suits your needs. Take a look at 7 best smartphones for parents and senior citizens in India and see if some of them are right for you.

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