7 Best Smartphones for Parents and Senior Citizens in India

Keep reading about the best smartphones for parents and senior citizens in India. These new smartphones may be able to lots of things for us, but our parents and older people generally can’t see the screen very well. When I bought my parents new phones I always needed to check if they fit for may parents need. Insider Monkey recently published an article in which we can find lots of useful tips about this topic.


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Only a decade ago we used cell phones just to call each other, then sending messages became a new, amazing thing. I was always amazed that I write a text to someone who is in the other part of the country, and he got it immediately. Nice old times! Nowadays we can arrange lots of tasks via smartphones, we check our emails, search map on the internet, we can do banking, or order delicious meal for supper! By the time I get home, my ordered meal has arrived home and the only thing I have to do is to pay it and eat it up. Mosst companies on the market focuses only the new generations and their demands, but luckily there are some who do produce and introduce smartphones to older citizens. With the list of Insider Monkey now we can check these possibilities.

We have picked two smartphones from their list for now. The first one is Coolpad Note 3. Featuring 5.5” display, Coolpad Note 3 is one of the best smartphones on the market for parents and senior citizens. It is available in India for a fair price, $199.98, considering its specifications. For a small price, you will get a smartphone with octa-core 1.3 GHz Cortex A53 processor with 3GB RAM. The main camera has 13MP while the front camera features a CMOS image sensor. You can take as many photos of your family as you want because the battery has 3000 mAh and 16GB storage. The next one is Emporia SMART. For people who don’t want to spend a bunch of money on a smartphone, Emporia SMART is their best option. This smartphone is operating on Android 4.4.2 and it is specifically designed for older people. It is powered by 1.2 GHz quad-core processor with 4GB RAM. The main camera has 8MP while the front has 1MP. The battery has 2600 mAh capacity and it has a microSD slot. When we mentioned it was designed for older people, we meant it also has a physical numeric keyboard. You can put it over the touchscreen and you can use the smartphone as one of the older models we used to buy almost a decade ago. This smartphone could be yours for about $275.

For any further useful information, you should read Insider Monkey’s article about 7 best smartphones for parents and senior citizens in India.

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