7 Best Smartphones with Fingerprint Scanner

When mobile phone developers didn’t know what to come up with, they invented 7 best smartphones with fingerprint scanner to raise attention to their brands.

Unlike the old days, when we used our mobile phones only for making calls and send texts, nowadays we used our phones for many more purposes. We used it now as a portable computer, personal assistant, diary, library, notebook, and camera. It now serves us for stashing all the personal and important data from the curious eyes, which is why it is very important to find the best way to secure our phones.

Pixabay/Public Domain

First, it all started with the PIN code that locked both phone and a card whenever our phones were off. This was kind of a good solution except we would have to turn off our phones whenever we weren’t near it or we were sleeping. This was a big issue because we used our mobile phones when it was the case of emergency, but in case we would turn it off, no one could reach us.

After that, the new phones came and they had a bit advanced option. You could lock any folder you wanted with the specific code, which allowed people to see some content, while the others were considered private. For example, you could have locked your messages and gallery, but leave the contact list opened. That way, in case you lost your phone and someone found it, he or she could bring it back by entering the contact list and calling someone.

Of course, like everything else, smartphone had to play the biggest role and invent the better features so the new touchscreen phones had even the shape password. Of course, there is always a ’But’. It is enough to uncover your screen once so that some other person could see the numbers you entered or the shape you made to enter your phone. So, the smartphone developers came to new, more personal invention: the fingerprint scanner. When you would buy a new phone, you would automatically scan your finger via back camera. Later on, no one, but you could ever enter your personal data without you near them because only the scan of your finger can do it. Of course, you can also put the PIN code or a shape, just in case someone else uses your phone from time to time, but make sure that this person is trustworthy.

While some phones are already well installed with this options, there are the ones that are still on trial versions. The manufacturers are still trying to improve it and, trust me, you don’t want to take this risk yet. Better wait until they grow enough so that you can have the full experience. For now, these are 7 best smartphones with fingerprint scanners launched so far, in case you were looking forward to buying one.

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