7 Best Smartphones with Longest Battery Life

If you miss the time when your phones weren’t plugged on chargers all the time, you would be happy to know that there are 7 best smartphones with longest battery life that have the same features like the one you own now, but, unlike the one you are texting with at this same moment, the new one wouldn’t be having cables plugged in them while you do that.

I really miss the era of the first phones. Although they were used for the two purposed only and one game at the time, you could even forget where you put your charger because there were times when you could use your phone for more than 4 days without using a charger.

Pixabay/Public Domain

But while the phone industry grew and stronger phone models were released, some of their features became weaker. One of them was the battery that is usually too weak for its purpose and easily damaged.

Many bugs are detected on the newest smartphones and, with every new model, there is some upgrade so that the device would be more efficient. But, as the hardware is stronger, as the memory capacity is higher, as there are more features developed, no matter how strong battery seems to be, it won’t have that long lasting life.

Whenever you need to restart your smartphone, but you can’t because it is blocked for no reason at all, you need to remove your battery. This means that your battery would be damaged for a bit until it is too damaged to work properly ever again. The most smartphone manufacturers claim that their products have batteries that can be charged up to 500 times, but the truth is that I have never heard so far that someone bought a smartphone and didn’t have any issue with a battery for a whole year. But, like everything else, I believe that mobile phones developers would find a perfect solution for this matter. Although many websites offer you solutions how to retrieve the damaged batteries and use it in general for the longer lifetime, I never found any of those useful so far. But maybe I am not persuasive enough, I don’t know.

But, until that day comes, Insider Monkey found another solution. Its researchers did their jobs and found the smartphones with loges battery life. Although they don’t guarantee that you would have your smartphone on for a week without a charger, they still guarantee the better efficiency than the ones we use now. Without any further ado, I give you the 7 best smartphones with longest battery life by Insider Monkey.

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